Smart Work + Hard Work = Success

Diamondback Painting takes pride in our relationships with rental properties and management companies. We offer unique solutions tailored to your specific needs that go beyond putting paint on walls. Let us show you how our smart work can relieve you of all your hard work.

Customer Relationship Management

We maintain our own database of customers and jobs unlike anyone else. This includes work order history, colors and products used on a job and identifying areas of concern for future paint-related maintenance. We gladly share all of this information in a simple and concise format called our Master Maintenance Manual.
Color in Action
Our color experts will prepare and upload your photo with a beginning color scheme and offer you three color schemes tailored to the character of your property and your vision in a digital presentation.

The right palette can give a property instant curb appeal and marketability by creating an attractive, harmonized appearance. Diamondback Painting uses a strategic color selection to evolve with current trends, regional color preferences and changing demographics.
Surpassing Industry Standards with Superior Quality
There are few if any painting contractors that are as quality conscious and speed proficient as Diamondback Painting. We leverage our buying power to provide you premium paint products on your projects which extend the life of the coating, reduce maintenance and leave a much more aesthetically pleasing look and feel to the space.

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