New Residential Homeowners

Congratulations on Your New Home!

Your decision to build your new home is a large investment of your time and your money. We congratulate you on your spirit and desire to go beyond building a house; you are creating a home.

Small Investment, Huge Return

Did you know that the cost difference between using a low-quality paint product and a high-performance, long-lasting product is typically only a few hundred dollars? We custom tailor our paint product selection to meet your unique needs. Using the right mix of products means easier washing and scrubbing and leaves a finish that is aesthetically pleasing for years to come.
Expect the Best
We understand the importance of working with the right group of contractors when it comes to a project as personal as your own home. Our staff is here to help. We provide color consultation and welcome you to visit our showroom. We are very interior designer friendly as well!
Proven Processes meets Peace of Mind
Diamondback Painting has perfected each of the necessary steps to produce the most beautiful finished looks in your home at a fraction the time of our competitors. Our speed and quality ensure that your home is ready sooner. You have a choice when it comes to your painter, and we want to be your painter!
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